Word of Mouth is one of the most practiced Multilingual social marketing tactics that any business or organization can count on, and I am always surprised with how little significance is given to the language elements.

There are few wonderful products that don’t have a competition, and even fewer that come with a multilingual user manual. But someone, somewhere, crafted good words about one of these products in a language that is not even native to the product sourcer, and that generated a huge market in a region originally left behind by the highly paid marketing executives.

I ran once into a businessman who co-owns a small rubber manufacturing facility in Midwest America. His humble factory uses recycled oil to fabricate belts and other miscellaneous parts for small engines, by stabilizing the oil and layer it in a certain way to give it the strength and flexibility equal to that of virgin raw materials. Him and his partner, another bright individual from Indonesia, patented that manufacturing concept decades ago, and they have been getting royalties after a large rubber manufacturer in China adopted the same patented technique.

It was a word of mouth thing, I could have never foreseen it happening … it saved my business …” he stated, adding that the factory itself is not producing significant return compared to the they are receiving from the Chinese manufacturer.

For them, like many products with soaring overseas sales, it all started with a word. Thanks to his partner who, during one of his visits to Asia, casually met with a group of like-minded professionals at a luncheon and got the word out. What did he say during that gathering is for sure important, but the language he used was even more so.